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Our Sporting & Guns department offers a vast array of sporting painting and prints, hunting attire, taxidermy, hunting trophies and antique guns for sale at auction.


Our Sporting Art & Guns department offers a vast array of traditional sporting art, vintage and modern sporting guns, taxidermy and associated apparel from the worlds of hunting, shooting, fishing, horseracing and other country pursuits


Sporting art features regularly in both our Fine and Interiors sales and includes canine art and equestrian art from many of the masters of their genres. Horse racing art is also popular, particularly given our proximity to Newmarket, home of British flat racing.
Taxidermy has seen a huge uplift in popularity in recent years with the emergence of a younger demographic of buyers. Our recent sales have offered fine 19th century examples by the likes of Cooper, Homer, Rowland Ward, Peter Spicer, Van Ingen and others, making record prices.

Our sales of vintage and modern sporting guns feature examples of both collectible and more useable shotguns and firearms from the likes of James Purdey, Holland & Holland, Woodward and Boss, as well as modern continental over and unders from the likes of Beretta and Browning.

Auctioneer and Director Martin Millard is a registered Firearms dealer and a member of the Gun Trade Association. We can provide a professional service for clients requiring antique gun valuations either for sale or insurance purposes.



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