Our expert valuers provide complimentary, no-obligation valuations for antique, vintage and modern jewellery, silver and watches. For advice worth taking on selling jewellery at auction, it pays to choose Cheffins.


Selling jewellery, watches & silver at auction

Our specialist Jewellery, Silver and Watches sales take place three times a year and each and every sale features a stunning variety of both modern and antique jewellery, luxury vintage and classic watches and silver.


We produce the finest auction catalogues for our jewellery auctions which gain extensive publicity and our in-house PR team regularly secure press coverage in luxury magazines ensuring maximum exposure for your jewellery before it is sold at auction.


Our jewellery sales regularly achieve a sale rate of over 90 percent, proving hugely successful for our clients selling jewellery at auction.


Our jewellery auctions are attended by a wide variety of buyers as well as a global audience courtesy of our online and telephone bidding facilities. 


Selling at auction is an easy and transparent process. Our Jewellery experts can value your jewellery to give you a guide as to what an item can expect to achieve at auction and talk you through the consignment process.


Vintage jewellery has performed particularly well at auction in recent years as buyers, both private and trade, look to source that special item. Our jewellery auctions feature many of the classic brands, such as Cartier, Tiffany, Graff, Bulgari and Boodles, as well as more unique examples of Art Deco, antique and vintage jewellery.


Accredited Jewellery Valuers

Cheffins' experienced gemmologists and valuers are available by appointment and at our popular Jewellery valuation days in Cambridge at Clifton House. Our valuations will provide you with a guide to what your items of jewellery could achieve at auction. Even if you are not looking to sell we can provide professional valuations for all types of jewellery, watches and silver for probate and insurance purposes.


Jewellery valuations are undertaken to the highest standard by our expert team. Our valuation team are members of the Jewellery Valuers Association and the Institute of registered valuers.


Sell antique jewellery

Antique jewellery is typically over 100 years old. Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Edwardian items of jewellery are all classified as antique jewellery.


Within each of our jewellery auctions, there is usually a consignment of antique jewellery. Items that have performed well at recent auctions include antique gold jewellery, antique earrings and gemset pieces. Buyers of antique jewellery range from individuals looking for a unique piece to connoisseurs in search of an item to add to their collection.


The age and rarity of genuine antique jewellery pieces makes them very desirable. The best way to sell antique jewellery is to come to one of our jewellery valuation days with your items. Our team will examine your jewellery and give you an indication of the value that you could expect to achieve at one of our antique jewellery sales. Alternatively you can upload a photograph of your item via our online valuation form.


Sell vintage jewellery 

Vintage jewellery is any item between 25 and 100 years old. Vintage and antique jewellery can be very valuable. The value of vintage jewellery is dependent upon the materials used and the overall style of a particular piece. In some instances, the maker or brand will affect the overall value. 


Vintage necklaces, vintage emerald rings and vintage opal rings are all on trend currently. Collectors and devotees of vintage jewellery favour the Art Déco era, the Retro era and the Modern era.


Our jewellery auctions attract a good consignment of vintage jewellery at every sale. If you are thinking of selling vintage jewellery please come and visit one of our specialists at our valuation days in Cambridge or you can upload an image using our online valuation form


Sell antique and valuable watches

Every sale features numerous vintage and luxury watches for sale, with examples from some of the world’s greatest watchmakers, including Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, Omega, Longines and Breitling as well as some highly desirable modern examples which are always popular with collectors and individuals. An item of jewellery that doubles as a style icon, not to mention being practical at the same time, is a rare commodity indeed!


How much is my watch worth?

There are a number of factors to consider when assessing the value of a watch. The primary consideration is the strength of the brand; Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Daniel Roth and Vacheron Constantin will always be highly desirable timepieces at our sales. If a watch is a limited or special edition, the rarity value will command a premium at auction.


The general condition of the watch will also have a bearing on value. One that is in pristine condition, with no marks or scratches, will be more valuable than one that has been heavily worn. 


A watch’s history can play a part in the valuation calculation. If the watch was previously owned by a well known public figure or it has a newsworthy story, this will add to its intrigue and saleability at auction.


The original packaging and paperwork will also establish provenance and is highly prized by some collectors.


To find out what your watch is worth, drop into one of our valuation days at Clifton House in Cambridge or you can upload an image via our website using our online valuation form.


Sell silver at auction


The value of silver is largely dependent upon the quality of the craftsmanship, the maker, the desirability of the piece, when it was made, the condition and the provenance.


The age and maker of most British silver can be identified from their respective hallmarks. Silver items from other parts of the world are  sometimes, but not always, marked. In all cases the style and popularity of the piece helps in identifying value. Exclusive pieces with provenance or by famous makers can command premium prices at auction. 



If you are thinking of selling your jewellery at auction, our jewellery experts can inspect it for you and give you an indication of what it could achieve at one of our sales. You can either bring your items of jewellery to one of our weekly valuation days (usually a Tuesday) at Clifton House in Cambridge or one of our off-site valuation days or you can submit photographs of your jewellery via our online valuation form . Photographs, paperwork, gemological reports and any other information proving provenance will help us establish an accurate value.

Valuations for possible consignment to one of our auctions are complimentary. Formal, written valuations for either insurance or inheritance tax purposes (probate) attract a fee. For more information on our fees please contact Clair Eskandary

If you would prefer to book an appointment to see one of our jewellery specialists please contact Clair Eskandary who can arrange this for you. It may also be possible to arrange home visits for large or very valuable collections.

Our specialist Jewellery, Silver and Watches auctions take place three times a year in spring, summer and winter. Every sale features a stunning variety of both modern and antique jewellery, luxury vintage and classic watches and silver. There are also regular opportunities to sell lower value items of jewellery at our popular monthly Interiors sales.

Once you have made the decision to sell your items at one of our auctions, we will guide you through every step of the process. Upon receipt of your items to our auction house, we will provide you with the formal paperwork which will indicate any reserves that may have been agreed along with the proposed auction date. You will be asked to sign a Seller’s Consignment Agreement which provides us with your contact details and outlines the conditions of the sale.

In advance of the auction, you will receive a pre-sale notification, confirming the lot number, estimate and any reserve that may have been agreed and the terms of the sale. Please note all lots with estimates of £100 or less will be sold without reserve.

A reserve price can be discussed at the time of consigning your item to one of our jewellery sales.

If you wish to put a reserve on your items, there are two options available.

  • The 'fixed' reserve- this is the minimum acceptable price at auction and the auctioneer will not sell below this figure. This cannot be more than the lower estimate given by the valuer at the time of valuation.
  • The 'with discretion' reserve - this gives the auctioneer flexibility on sale day and the authorisation to sell the item at approximately 10% lower than the estimate given at the time of valuation.

Of course, there is no obligation to put a reserve on any piece and many vendors simply submit their items for sale wthout reserve. 

After the sale, you will be sent notification by email or post with the results of your sale. If you would like to find out on the day, the results are uploaded on our website as the sale progresses, alternatively, you can call the office on 01223 213343.  Settlement of the net sum due to you is made for all items that have been paid for and collected 28 days after the sale. Payment is usually made via a bank transfer, however, we can provide a cheque upon request. We will also provide a statement reconciling your account, outlining all fees and charges that have been deducted.

For our fully catalogued sales, our standard vendor commission rates are 17.5% plus VAT of the hammer price, subject to a minimum charge per lot of £20 plus VAT whether the lot is sold or unsold.

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